What is case study?
The case study examination is a written examination paper of four (4) hours. The examination is based on - Pre seen material issued one month prior to the examination date - Un seen material given at the examination date It allows examiners to test the professional competence of the future Chartered Accountants by giving an opportunity to the candidates to show the ability to solve real life complex commercial issues. According to the syllabus issued by the CA Sri Lanka, objectives of the case study are as follows. - Determine a candidate’s understanding of complex business issues - Determine the ability to analyse financial and non financial data - Determine the soundness of professional and ethical judgment in arriving at conclusion followed by making recommendations. Since the examiner tests your higher level skills, preparing for the case study needs different approach than studying for a “traditional” examination paper.
Plan of the Program
The program will be conducted over 3 months and this period can be divided in to two phases as pre & post. Pre phase is the period before we getting the pre seen material and we will spend around 8 weeks on this phase in order to discuss very important areas including - report structure - practical application of financial management theories - practical application of strategic management theories - TOP CA pass papers - Newly developed case studies - strategies on time management - assessment criteria and - proven case study techniques from other professional exams Once CA Sri Lanka publishes the pre seen material of the case study exactly before one month to the exam, we will spend another 4 weeks in post phase period. During these 4 weeks we will be discussing very crucial areas including - Basic analysis of the pre seen material - Mock exams from 2nd week onwards - Application of various theories including financial management and strategic management - Open discussion on possible impact information and questions Each individual/team answers will be marked and continuous feedback will be given.
History of the program
Aruna started lecturing for the TOP CA with December 2011 exam and achieved 100% pass rate. Since then he maintained higher pass rates than overall exam average rates continuously.
Key Features of the Program
* Special attention on developing familiarity with the report structure * Pass paper discussions and let the students to write the answers * Provide opprtunity to write a completly new case study on a major Sri Lankan company * Discussion of proven case study techniques * Mock Exams from the 2nd week after releasing the pre seen material * Individual/team attention * Comprehensive industry analysis
Don’t postpone, ACA
ACA is a prestigious title and it definitely will take you to your lifetime goals. Never afford to do it second time, it will cost you not only in financial terms but also many other ways like career, time, etc.
Usage of the Forum - TOP CA WITH ARUNA
Objective of the forum is to build a discussion table among applicants of the TOP CA. Aruna strongly believes that to be successful in TOP CA, there should be a team effort. The definition of the team should not only be limited to a few but it can be extended by using the forum. So, the forum can be used to discuss common issues, share industry knowledge and any other TOP CA related topics. Aruna also will continuously give feedback, post important updates, share industry knowledge and share students’ common weaknesses, etc. Therefore, Aruna invites all the applicants of the TOP CA to be part of the forum and to share knowledge. Invitation is also for the present ACA to share their knowledge with future Chartered Accountants.
2013 December Exam
Classes will be started on 22nd September, 8.30 @ JMC. Contact: 0722 418 722 Email:
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First you have to register and then you can join the forum (it's free). If you are a student of the program you will be added to sub forum - "2013 December Students". Any member can use the sub forum - "Any Q? Any Discussion?" Study program section can be accessed by anyone who would like to get to know about the program.